Integrating my.openHAB with IFTTT

Posted by Kai Kreuzer on July 2, 2015

Today I have some great news to share - I am sure this will make openHAB attractive to even more users than ever before!

my.openHAB Goes Public!

Having offered the cloud companion service for openHAB since more than a year as a closed beta program, it is now time to make it available to everyone! And yes, we are determined to keep it a completely free service for all openHAB users, so that everybody can enjoy the easy and secure remote access as well as the push notifications to the native Android and iOS apps.

Integrate openHAB with Hundreds of Web Services through IFTTT

Our new IFTTT integration is the even bigger news and the very best reason to use my.openHAB: From today on, you can use openHAB together with IFTTT (If This Than That)! As a result, you can make use of all existing IFTTT channels within your rules - simply activate the openHAB channel and grant IFTTT access to your my.openHAB account. You can then use openHAB as a trigger for recipes or send any kind of command from an IFTTT recipe to your openHAB instance.

We think that these new services are very useful additions to many openHAB users. Please provide us your feedback on our mailing list. Note that my.openHAB does not yet work with openHAB 2.0 (which is still in alpha and not meant to be used productively by end users) - but the integration with my.openHAB is high on my priority list as this combination will lower the entry barrier for new users to a new minimum - I am looking forward to it!