Kai Kreuzer

Java Software Architect and Home Automation Professional.
Founder of openHAB.org and Project Lead of Eclipse SmartHome.

openHAB 2.1 Release

A few months have passed since the initial openHAB 2 release and the community has been incredibly active meanwhile. It is therefore time to push out a new stable release, so here it is: openHAB 2.1!

You can go through the official Release Notes to get a detailed idea of what is in this release, but as usual I will mention some of my personal highlights.


The Anatomy of Smart Homes

Scott Jenson published a very good article last week, where he nicely showed how far away we still are from the shiny Jetson-like marketing promises about smart homes. He asked us to take a step back so that we can think about the holistic shape of the “right” solution for smart homes. Let’s do so!


openHAB 2 has arrived!

Three years after initiating the Eclipse SmartHome project, I am proud to finally announce the general availability of openHAB 2.0, the first openHAB release that is based on Eclipse SmartHome!

This release replaces openHAB 1.8 as the officially recommended runtime, only the openHAB 1 compatible add-ons will be further maintained. They are now available in version 1.9.0 and can be used on existing openHAB 1.8 installations. We have reached far more than 200 add-ons in this package by now and most of them can also be used in conjunction with openHAB 2 (see below).


openHAB 2.0 beta3 Release

Some time has passed since the openHAB 2.0 beta2 release and a lot development efforts were done - so it was clearly time to release openHAB 2.0 beta3. I see that many openHAB contributors and users are moving over from 1.x by looking at the activity in our forum and there has been very positive feedback regarding the stability.


openHAB Foundation

After many months of preparation, it is finally done: We have started the openHAB Foundation on May 20 as a non-profit organisation for promoting Free software for smart home in general and openHAB in particular! In a good Silicon Valley style, we have chosen my (certainly automated) garage as the most suitable location. I am very grateful for having been unanimously elected as their president by the founding members.