openHAB Foundation

Posted by Kai Kreuzer on May 21, 2016

After many months of preparation, it is finally done: We have started the openHAB Foundation on May 20 as a non-profit organisation for promoting Free software for smart home in general and openHAB in particular! In a good Silicon Valley style, we have chosen my (certainly automated) garage as the most suitable location. I am very grateful for having been unanimously elected as their president by the founding members.

The openHAB Foundation is meant as a successor of the openHAB UG, which will be closed down in the course of this year. Being set up as a membership-based association, this will greatly boost the flexibility to get new people on board to better promote and support openHAB. Besides the regular members, it is also possible for companies to join the foundation. Another huge benefit is that the foundation is officially non-profit and thus sets the right frame for its activities.

Please note that creation of such an association is a process and we still have to do a few steps before we are fully operational and able to accept new members. So please check back regularly and best follow the foundation on Twitter - we will keep you informed!